PAGE BREAK issue in pages with table and photo

Mac Os X 10.10.5
Scrivener 2.7.1 on Mac App Store

Scrivener does not respect my choice of having a page break before ONLY in pages with tables with an image inside (EXTREMELY URGENT)
And when it creates a PDF, it does not respect the hyerarchy in the index (not so vital right now for me but quite upsetting)
I have to deliver the final edit this monday morning, please someone help me!

I tried all this afternoon and search the web but I didn’t find this exact kind of issue.
Mailed the customer service too but had no reply.

Please I really do need help ASAP!
Thanks in advance,

Fabrizio N.

It’s probably a little late, but I think this problem will require a more description into what you are doing. If I take five files, two with text and three in the middle each with a single-cell table containing one single image and mark the three files as “Page Break Before” in the Inspector, then I get precisely that result in PDF.

Likewise with the PDF table of contents, these things often require very specific levels of information to let us know where the problem is. If I create a very simple test by taking a blank project and “grouping” the starter file four times so that I have five levels of hierarchy, and compile to PDF, adding titles to all binder elements at all levels, but otherwise using default settings, I get a 5-level PDF ToC.