Page breaks and indents

I figured this out the hard way. Instead of putting the page break at the end of the page where you want the page break, go to the next page, and place the cursor in FRONT of the first word of what you want to be the new page. Place your page break there. That will get rid of the double blank page thing.

I did find that it wants to scroll down to the end of the next section, which is still a PITA, but one thing at a time. I also have found in exporting, in either PDF or .DOC, it gets rid of the page break and replaces it with a # sign.

This really pisses me off, as I would already have the new book to my agent, but now have to take the time to figure this out… which is why I’m here.

I think Scrivener has promise, and I like a lot of things about it, but I think it was originally designed for MACs and it clearly has some glitches. I hate giving Microsoft money, but I may have to abandon this program if I can’t figure out how to export shit properly!

I’ve split your post to a new thread, as the one you were responding to referred to a previous version of Scrivener with dramatically different behavior.

The Compile command is somewhat unique to Scrivener. It does have a learning curve, but it’s extremely powerful once you get used to it. Our video tutorials on the subject are here: Videos | Literature & Latte
(These were made for the Mac platform, so specific commands may differ, but the underlying principles are the same.)