Page breaks as separators

I have set my compile format to give me page breaks between “Chapter” sections:

But when the resulting RTF is opened in Nisus Writer Pro or Word, what I have is “Section break new page”. The problem is that for reasons I haven’t yet fathomed, the page numbers are styled “Heading 1”, in 16pt Bold centred rather than 11pt Regular. Because the breaks are section breaks, I have to go through each section in turn setting it how I want.

I have created a little NWP macro which replaces the section breaks with page breaks. That solves the problem, but I’d rather be able to compile with simple page breaks. Any suggestions how I can do this?


Hi Mark,

Could you please attach or send me a sample file that shows the problem with the page number font? That clearly sounds like a bug so I’d like to address that. (It may be later in the week before I get chance, though, a I’m away for a couple of days moving house.)

As for the section breaks, section breaks will be used instead of regular page break depending on your Compile settings. For instance, if you have front or back matter using different headers and footers, the RTF will use section breaks, because that is the only way to have different header and footer settings on different ranges of pages.

All the best,

Thanks Keith. I’ve emailed you direct with a cut down project, the compile format I use and the RTF as compiled.