Page Breaks

Hello fellow writers,

I just recently started on this program, and one things has confused me. I started typing, and it never created a page break. I am used to google docs which does this automatically. Any way to fix this?

Thank you in advance,

Scrivener is not wysiwyg. Page breaks are created when you compile to an output format that has pages, like pdf or docx.
Just keep writing and break up your text in any number of small chunks of text.
Have you done the interactive tutorial?

If you want to see a rough representation of a page as you type, you can use View > Text Editing > Show Page View, but note that this won’t necessarily reflect the final layout when you compile the document (because compilation can use many different page sizes, fonts etc).

As Lunk says, the best way of getting the best out of Scrivener’s features (and to understand where and why it differs from — and improves upon — Word / Google Docs etc) is to do the Interactive Tutorial ASAP. It will make a difference.