Page count for Projects?

Keith, I’ve been keeping an eye on Scrivener since I first heard about it during the 2005 NaNo. The new version is terrific. Well done!

Perhaps I’ve missed discussion of this elsewhere, but I’d love it if Project Statistics could include the total number of pages in that project. As a novelist with lots of scenes and chapters (/docs and folders), I need to keep track of the overall page count. And as I may write or add on to several different scenes/docs in a day, it would be handy to know how many pages I wrote. I know it’s possible to approximate this by keeping track of word counts, but when writing 400-page novels, I think in pages rather than words. :laughing:

I see that Document Statistics gives page counts already, so perhaps this wouldn’t be difficult to add? (Here’s hoping, anyway. :wink: )

Added to the list. :slight_smile: