Page count in footer

A page count in the footer would be soooooo helpful for me, and likely for other people working in long documents. I’d especially love it if the page count could show up in the Edit Scrivenings footer, too, so I could get the page count for multiple documents combined…

Thanks for considering the idea. :slight_smile:

The trouble with this is that, whilst I have added a “rough” page count to the statistics, any page count is variable. Should it be the actual page count based on your printer settings (eg. A4, or “letter” or whatever the US equivalent is)? Or should it be a publisher’s page count, based on average words on a line divided by 6 dived by words-per-page?

Either way, there is a bigger problem than just conceptual, which is the reason that most apps don’t provide a live page count like this: calculating a page count is much slower than calculating a word count or a character count. Thus, it could possibly slow down typing, especially on very long documents where you would want a page count most. That is why page count is only usually shown as and when you demand it.

Thanks and all the best,