Page layout and export to Word program

I needed to choose some text (for a writing competition) which had to be set out according to competition entry requirements I’d been given – so many inches from top of page and so many from sides, etc. I can see the ruler (helpfully in inches) on top of my Scrivener page but how do I find the rulers at each side?

And, how do I put in a header?

And then to export the whole thing to a word processing program ready to send to the competition – I couldn’t seem to do that without strange characters coming out in the exported document and it not coming out the way I see it in Scrivener anyway.

I know these are terribly basic problems, but my brain goes to jelly when I have to do something like that. Writing, I can do – but clever stuff like formatting documents leaves me baffled. :confused:

Thanks for any help.

There’s no vertical ruler in Scrivener, and in any case the horizontal ruler doesn’t set the margins (which is what is sounds like you need to do), so:

You can set the page margins – Top, Bottom, Left and Right – in File>Page Setup… . In the dialogue that comes up, choose Scrivener in the top dropdown menu (the one labelled ‘Settings’) and you’ll see the rest of the dialogue change to allow you to enter values for the margins.

You can also override these values in Compiling your document (§23.17 of the manual explains how), but using Page Setup… is the most straightforward way to do it.