Page Number Issues

I’m so, so close to having the print version of my novel formatted, literally the last thing I need to do for it right now, but I’m having issues with the page numbers. They’re typed and set up the way I want them to, but they don’t start on the proper page. I have a few pages of front matter and some blank pages so the title matter isn’t facing (though I might be able to modify this if I must). The page numbers and footer have appeared on one of the front matter pages, and don’t start with “Page 1.” By the time I get to the first chapter, the numerical order is “9/10.” How would I go about alerting this so I can have the Page 1 start on the first chapter, which is technically around Page 10? If I need to erase a blank page, how do I do that? I can only allow 3 pages max to be erased from my novel, otherwise the cover will not be formatted properly. Thanks for any and all help! :smiley:

I’m having the same problem. The footer is starting on page 9 (without the page numbers there), and I need both the footer and page numbers to start on page 12. Page 12 is the first chapter, though I’d like the starting number at the bottom of the page to be “1”

I’ve done all of that, added the front matter and followed the screen caps, and the page numbers seem to be starting on the proper pages, but the footer starts on the pages before the first chapter, followed by a blank page, followed by the first chapter and the proper settings. This is also continuing with the back matter, where I don’t want page numbers either.