Page number on wrong side of Verso Chapters

In my Scrivener 3 PDF compile, if a Chapter begins on a Verso page, the page number is on the wrong side (for just that one page). Any other scenario and the page numbers are correct: on regular pages, or on pages where a Chapter begins on a Recto page, everything is numbered on the correct corner. It’s just that one case that is wrong.

Any idea why this might be happening?

Many thanks

It is certainly possible to supply a different header/footer arrangement on pages that cause of a page break to occur. It’s not uncommon to move the page number below and to the middle on pages that cause a break, so that numbers in the traditional left or right along the top of the page do not disturb the appearance of the chapter heading.

Edit your compile format and click on the Page Settings pane. You probably have Different header and footer on pages following page breaks enabled. If you’d simply rather not have any special treatment at all, then disabling that option is good enough. Otherwise if you do (for instance, you probably don’t want the author or book title printed above the chapter heading), but want the page number in a different place, then click over to the “Header and Footer Text” tab, click on “New Pages” and make your adjustments.

If your chapter breaks always fall on the recto side then you can anticipate a left footer alignment for the page number. If you don’t know which page it will fall on though—well, that is why it is a rather common convention to use centre alignment for the page number on break pages. It might not match the standard but it is at least neutral and not producing the effect you highlighted.

Thank you so much. It’s not often someone uses an answer to teach, and you have done that. I didn’t realize publishers used different formats for the beginning of new chapters. As is common, this has opened up another can of worms I need to sort through, as changing the page number location of “New Page” now creates the page number on the wrong side if a chapter starts on a Recto side — I think I can sort through that.

You’re welcome! Another approach some take is to remove the page number entirely from the breaking page. That avoids the whole can of worms entirely, and it isn’t too difficult to find your place if the pages around that one are numbered.