Page numbering for back matter

Hi all,

I’m using the Mac version to write my first book and will be publishing on Create Space using pdfs. Great technology! I’m 99% done with compiling and could use some advice to get me the final 1%.

The body of my manuscript is 164 pages. I’m printing the back matter to a separate pdf (because when I printed the body and back matter together, the endnotes kept printing at the end of the back matter instead of the end of the body) and would like to begin the page numbering for the back matter on page 165. Does anyone know how to set the page numbering in Compile (or in the Edit screen) to begin on page 165 instead of page 1? It looks like you can start it at pages 1-10 but I don’t see a way to select a higher number.


Actually there is a technique that can save you the step of having to compile twice to keep your endnotes prior to the back matter. Try creating a document at the end of the main matter, and within the text editor, use the Edit/Insert/Endnote Marker menu command. Okay, that is half of the recipe. The next thing you need to do is visit the settings in the “Footnote/Comments” compile option pane and enable “Group footnotes”, then change the mode to “At <$–ENDNOTES–> marker”.


This is a lifesaver. Thank you!