page numbering for dissertations

The inability of Scrivener to allow (help set-up) different page-numbering for various sections of dissertations is a major short-coming.

I am sure that many people use Scrivener to write dissertations. And you must already be aware that dissertations (and other publications such as novels, etc.) require Roman numerals for the front matter then Arabic numerals for the main text/chapters.

This should really be fixed. We should not have to set-up two or three projects to create the correct page-numbering scheme for one project. Or export to Word or Pages to format pages-numbering for a dissertation. Formatting for a dissertation is complicated enough already. HELP!

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Did you ever find a resolution to this, or was it fixed in a recent update? I would be facing the same issue so wanted to follow up.

Actually, this is possible in Scrivener 3 already.

Check this for info, use <$n> for Arabic numerals and <$r> for Roman numerals. Other Options can be found in the Placeholders PDF in the Help menu of Scrivener.

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Thank you very much, look forwarding to figuring out what in the world that means and using it! :grin:

On the last image in the Linked post, just use <$r> or <$R> for Roman numerals in the first Section of your manuscript. :wink: