Page numbering & page position

  • How do i insert page numbers in my screenplay

  • In “compose” it is one long scroll. there are no page numbers on the pop up info on the bottom of the screen. I would like ti to look like a regular screenplay, i.e. with numbers and clear page breaks.

  • How do i position the page in the center of the screen in the regular mode? there is a huge gray area to the right.



There is an option in the Editor preferences tab, “Center pages” that will do what you want. The Page View options are in the lower third.

As for visual pages in Composition mode, there is no way to do that. You’re welcome to write it up in the wish list section, but I can say it’s kind of out of scope for what Composition sets out to be: just pure text and as little embellishment as possible. But, you never know unless you try.

Thank you for the info.
The lack of page numbers and a “visual” page is huge for me, most likely because I started writing on typewriters and not knowing what page I’m on, and actually not seeing the page in front of me stops me in my tracks. Old habits die hard, and I think this one ain’t dyin’.

Page layout view is available in the main window, and you can always take that into full screen mode on Lion, rather than using “Compose” mode.

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Yeah, to add a little to that, please note you can switch off nearly every piece of interface in the main window. First thing to do is use Window/Layouts/Manage Layouts... to save your current window settings.

The only thing you can’t switch off is the window border around the window itself and the main menu, and that can be removed by using Lion’s full screen mode. Once you get a stripped down setup in full screen, save it as a layout. If you are on Lion, it will remember the full screen designation too, and automatically activate that mode for you.