Page numbers between Front Matter and Chapter One inconsistent

Hello - Am tearing my hair out over this one, which is hard work considering I’m totally bald!

I have set up a nonfiction compile. I’ve told Scrivener that I want Roman Numberals for Front Matter (<$p-r>> and arabic numerals for the main body (<$p>). Here are a coupld of screenshots of the Page Settings:


However, when I generate a PDF the first section of the PDF displays roman numerals. It’s not until the second section that the arabic numerals kick in.

I have defined a section type called “Front Matter with Header” that is basically a clone of the Front Matter but displays headers for the sections it’s assigned too. Could that be the culprit? Here’s the compile screen:

By the way, I had “Introduction” and “Where is everyone” set to Structure Based but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Any help would be muchly appreacited.

Isn’t that what you’ve set up ? If you are referring to the front matter as the first section of the PDF? Are all the documents you want treated as Front Matter in the Paperback folder? On the Page Settings tab where you’ve set your header and footer text, but on the Options tab I presume you’ve got Main body header starts: After front matter set?

The section 24.20.5 Header and Footer Options from page 671 of the Scrivener manual (in the Help menu) explains all the options.