page numbers

Please tell me there is a way of seeing page numbers in the new version of scrivener. Can you tell me how to insert page numbers



You can always insert page numbers when you compile, but if you just want to view an approximation while working in Scrivener, choose View>Show Page View (or use the “Wrap” icon in the toolbar to toggle this on). You can set the preferences in Scrivener>Preferences:Editor under Wrap To Page Mode. It won’t be exactly what you’ll get when you compile, since you might opt to change your formatting, etc., but it’ll give you a good idea, and the closer your working settings are to your compile settings, the more precise it will be. Chapter 21 in the manual goes into detail about it all. :slight_smile:

I see the page view mode but I don’t see how to insert page numbers.

Hi, sorry to bother you again. I see the page numbers in the bottom footnote area. What I would like to do is set the margins, the font size and line spacing in page view mode so I can as accurate a look at where I am in the novel. Can you tell m how to do that. Thanks

In Preferences:Editor, under Wrap to Page Mode, choose whether to “Base printed page size” on your Page Setup settings or your Compile settings. Then set the margins in whichever place you choose and they will be reflected in your page view (be sure that View>Page VIew>Use Printed Page Size is checked). You probably want to go by Compile settings.

Font size and spacing will be whatever you’re using in the editor, so just set them to mimic what you will use for compile. You can select some text that looks the way you want it and then make that the default for the project by setting Project>Text Preferences… to override the global default and then choosing “use current” to match your selected text. Then select in the binder all your documents that you want to use this text setting and chose Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style. (If you have tables, lists, or other specific formatting you want to preserve, either check the appropriate boxes before you click okay to the conversion or first go through your documents and use the Format>Formatting>Preserve Formatting option to keep these from being converted.)

Also, I forgot to say this earlier, the page count is relative to what you’re looking at in the editor, so if you want to get a full count of all the pages, you need to load everything as a Scrivenings session. Other suggestions (courtesy of the manual) are to use “separate with single line breaks” for your Scrivenings session (Preferences:Formatting) and not to view titles with Scrivenings (be sure View>Editor>Show Titles in Scrivenings is not selected).

That’s not something you can do with Page View. It’s not meant to be a page layout feature. You can set up the physical paper size and margins, either by using your current print settings, or to custom values in the Editor preferences pane. However this mode is not, in most cases, intended to be a print preview. Here is an excerpt from the manual:

Right. I was going for this part:

So you can get close. But it’s not going to be exact.

If you’re just trying to gage approximately how many pages your book will come out to, there’s feature that will calculate that number. Project->Project Statistics (you can also add a toolbar icon to access this quickly). You can customize the number of words per page in that drop-down window. Note that if your book is has a lot of dialogue, the estimate will be low, and if you have a lot of dense paragraphs, the estimate will exceed your actual page count.

If you need something more accurate, I’d suggest you set up your compile settings as you’ll want your final output to look, and occasionally compile your manuscript and look at it in Word or Preview or whatever application is appropriate.

I still can’t figure out how to change the margins on the page view. Can someone tell me specifically how to do that.

It depends on which view model you are using. If you are using View/Page View/Use Preferences Page Size, then you’ll need to set all of that up in Preferences:Editor, down towards the bottom of the pane. If you are using “Use Printed Page Size” instead, then that will just be using whatever your project print settings are set up to, or your compile settings. Again, that is determined in that same preference panel.