Page Numbers?

Is there a way to have pages numbered?? TIA.

Hi John, this is my first time I have ever posted anything on a forum. I am wondering in my final draft, how do I get the pages in my document to have page numbers, like in the lower right corner of each page, like in a book? I sure would appreciate any help.
Thanks pasquale

In Compile Draft, you can choose to have page numbers under the Text Options pane. These will appear when you print using Compile Draft or export to a format that supports page numbers (and open the file in a program that supports showing page numbers - i.e. not TextEdit).

Pages should also get numbered when you just print. So yes, page numbering should work when printing or exporting to supported formats…

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HI, Keith , I don’t have anything to export to. I just want to print my work. I still can’t get Scriv. to print page numbers on my documents. I did go to the Text Options page. Is there a box or anything that needs to be clicked in order to get page numbers printed? You also said when I print it should print page numbers. It seems no matter what I do, it just won’t print page numbers for me. I want the page number to appear in lower right hand corner of each page. Is this where they would normally go if they got printed? Any suggestion?
Thanks again.

You almost had it! In the Text Options tab, look in the lower right-hand quadrant, relating to headers and footers. Enable Footer by using the drop-down menu. This will allow you to place text below the content of each printed page. Select your alignment, and enter:


into the text box. Now just click the Print button. You might want to preview the print first to make sure everything is set up the way you want it.

Hi Amber, I hope you get this. I am not sure how the “forum” stuff works. You posted a reply to my page numbering dilemma. It worked, I have been racking my brain out trying to figure this out. Your the best. Thank you sooooo much.

No problem!

I’m working on my script in Scrivener. I use Final Draft. What I notice is there are no page numbers so I don’t know what page I’m on. Is there a way to see this. Not when I print but when I actually am working on the script. If not, I don’t see how it’s possible to write my script on Scrivener.

Thanks everyone.


As mentioned on the product page and in the tutorial vid, Scrivener doesn’t show real pages - there is no page layout view. It is coming for 2.0, mainly for scriptwriters, but Scrivener has never been about page layout which is why there isn’t one in the current version. I never wanted to turn Scrivener into a layout type of word processor.
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