Page Settings Different When Compiling to PDF

When I compile to Word and then save my Word document as a PDF, everything works great. When I use the exact same Scrivener settings (margins, page size, header/footer, etc.) to compile my document directly as a PDF, it looks different. There are 38 lines of text per page in the Word doc, but 46 in the PDF. And in the PDF, the text goes to the very bottom, leaving no room for the page numbers. Pretty soon I’m going to lose access to Microsoft Office, so I need a non-Word way to compile my paperbacks. I can’t understand what’s going wrong. Please help!

Are you sure you’re using the same settings?

In particular, check the Page Settings pane in the Compile Format editor.


Yes, I’m positive I used exactly the same settings. I checked the page settings in the compile format editor very carefully multiple times.

Same font and font size?

If that’s not it either, please send a copy of the project to our support address. Put my name in the subject line and include a link to this thread.


Yes, the font and size are both the same. I’ll send the file to you now. Thank you!