Page setup... is working?

If I set “page setup” to, let’s say, 40% the actual printing doesn’t take care of it at all;
in “Page guides” I have two pages, in printing twelve…
When I mistake?

The same phenomenon can be seen in Scapple vers 1.4.2 (8459). The Page guide lines respond to the percentage setting of Page Setup, but the actual Printing does not (as foretold by its print preview).

any solution yet? sometimes is useful printing :slight_smile:

Well, I am just a fellow user. I can’t fix that. But I can suggest a simple workaround.

Export your Scapple map to PDF. Open it in Acrobat (the free Acrobat Reader will do), and choose Print. In Acrobat’s custom print dialog choose to print as Poster. In the options for that adjust the scale as desired. A preview image shows you across how many pages it will tile. Adjust the amount of overlap you want, as desired. Print.

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thanks… I’ll try! One question: you Export to pdf without taking into consideration scaling in Page setup?

Correct. The slicing and dicing will be done in Acrobat and you can make whatever choice you want there.

Just to update, this is not an issue that is new to the beta (I’ve moved it to Mac-specific support). It has been around for a number of years now, and has to do with how Apple’s printer setup doesn’t work well with the kind of program Scapple is.

What was suggested above, exporting to PDF and resizing elsewhere, is the official recommendation as well. I use Inkscape, which can not only open PDFs but edit them like vector graphics, which can be nice if I want to tidy things up a bit. But that’s a bit more to learn than just Adobe Reader, for sure! Something free to consider though, if you do want to change the width of lines for better visibility at very different scales, or whatever.

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