Page View in Fullscreen

I just began to use the Scrivener in trial mode. The fullscreen mode is impressive!
I have a question though: I could not find a way to view the document in “page view” mode in fullscreen. Is that so? Page view in fullscreen would be useful for me.

(Actually, how can I see the default paper size for the document in general? What is used, A4, or letter size?)

Hi, and welcome to Scrivener!

There’s no way to use the page view mode in full screen, but you can get a similar effect just by changing up your layout. I described a way (using the 2-up page view, but you could do the same with a single page) here, and you could alter it to fit your needs (e.g. leave the footer visible if you want to constantly see the page count).

You can choose in View>Page View what size page to use, either “Printed Page” or “Preference Page” and you can set what those are in File>Page Settins… for the printed size or in Scrivener>Preferences:Editor under the Wrap to Page mode.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much for the quick help!

I just tried your method; seems to be a very good workaround for page view in “fullscreen!” (although it would be nice if the program had this as a default feature in fullscreen)

Ah, page settings… Done, thank you again!