Page view please!

I’d love to see page view as an option for Windows Scrivener. I’ve been using Final Draft for many years and am used to seeing a representation of the page on screen instead of just a vast area of white space. Seeing the page boundaries is particularly useful when writing scripts, as it makes transitions and elements a little easier to decode.

Is this feature planned? It’s my one grumble with the software as is. I just can’t get used to having to decode my formatting to read a script easily.

EDIT: I should add that the accuracy of the page view is not essential to me. Even if the page numbers are off or if elements incorrectly transition across page breaks, it’s just a readability issue.

Windows Scrivener v3 is currently in beta, and L&L has stated it will have feature parity with the current Mac v3 version.

With that it mind, if you download the Mac user guide, that will give you a view into where Windows Scrivener is headed. If the feature you want is in Mac v3, we should see it in Windows v3. And if the feature is not available in the Mac version, don’t expect to see it in Windows.

Thanks Jim! I just downloaded the beta version and it looks like there is a page view option hidden in the view menu. It’s much closer to a final draft/word page view, and helps tremendously. It’s a little funky looking, but way more readable (to me at least). Yay!

Thanks again.

That’s Great, thank you for sharing