Page View + Shadow - significant lag

Hi I am using 3.2.1 on Mac and while the regular view works fine on any resolution, adding shadow slows down Page View to the point of begin choppy on scroll. How to reproduce:

  1. Show Page View → on
  2. Zoom- Fit Page

I am using 4K monitor (tried lowering resolutions of course) with and a dedicated GPU, so this is not a hardware issue. I.e. Word, Pages etc. etc. are flying pretty much.

Turning off shadow seems to fix it.
Zoom level doesn’t have any effect (i.e. with shadow it’s laggy zoomed or not

What version of Mac OS do you have?

Are you in Composition mode, or the standard Editor?

Does it matter what you’re actually editing? For instance, do you see the same issue in a short single document that you do in a large multidocument Scrivenings view?


Version - Catalina latest

It happens in both Composition & Standard editor

Text size doesn’t matter. I tried with 2 pages and with 50+

What hardware do you have? We’ve seen a few reports where newer hardware actually has more performance issues, which we attribute to a problem with the graphics accelerator chips in newer Macs.


Radeon RX 570, Intel 9900k, 64GB ram.

Btw I tried running it off integrated GPU and the effect was the same