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In other applications - as for example evernote - there is a button to create a ‘page wide line’ to create a divider in the text. This works better in my opinion then a lot of - or _.

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Evernote doesn’t have pages, it is an HTML-based editor and thus uses the width of the frame to determine the size of various box elements within it, such as the Horizontal Rule, or


So we can’t copy that precisely, that’s a different sort of technology altogether from RTF. That said, it doesn’t sound to me as though you are using the Edit/Insert/Horizontal Line/Page-spanning Line menu command to insert rules. Again, these are not dynamic like HTML, but they are composed solely of an underscored non-breaking space followed by a tab, with the tab stop for that line set to the width of the page in accordance with your compile page settings. It is not a bunch of ASCII characters (there are other rules in that menu that work that way).

[size=80]Invisible characters enabled to show the line is only two whitespace characters total.[/size]

I find horizontal lines really help me compartmentalize my writing. We can take advantage of an editor pane quirk to make an hline that works nicely in Scrivener. An HTML-style horizontal line will actually reside briefly in Scriv’s editor, if we copy and paste it from an HTML page:

Those lines in the Scrivener pane are unsupported transient oddities within Scriv’s libraries. We can see and manipulate them, and we can even capture them via Copy as HTML. We just can’t save them in Scrivener. Next time we open the project, they’ll be gone. However, while they’re visible, they blend in perfectly with our document. And we can take advantage of that by grabbing a print screen, cropping it down to the line, and inserting it as needed.

An image works well as a horizontal divider; we just want to make one that aligns with our doc prefs.

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