PageFour = "Scrivener Lite" for Windows


For all those Windows users asking for a Scrivener for Windows: PageFour is a Windows writing tool comparable to Scrivener.

It does not offer all the bells and whistles we love in Scrivener but it’s the Windows tool that comes closest to Scrivener (in my opinion). It even has an interesting feature I’d like to see in Scrivener: Smart-Edit. This feature shows you which words and phrases you use over and over again (as a list and in context). Very useful.

PageFour costs $35, it is available on There is also a demo version (with some limitations).

But the best: Today (Friday, May 4th), PageFour is available completely free on You have to download and install it today to use it for free (updates are not included).

BTW: Darren Devitt, the developer of PageFour, is aware of Scrivener. In his blog, he points Mac users to Scrivener.


I agree with your assessment of PageFour, Franz. I used it for a while before I switched to my Mac.

I also agree that Smart-Edit (also called “Repetition Visualizer” elsewhere - “Smart-Edit” is better) would be a useful addition to the Scrivener armoury. This is not because I think writers shouldn’t constantly be on the lookout for ugly repetitions, but because even good writers make mistakes. (Though what would Shakespeare have written with such a tool: “A horse! My kingdom for a pony!”? :confused: )

Select the document you wish to analyse (or create an Edit Scrivenings session if you wish to analyse multiple documents). In the View menu, go to Statistics > Documents Statistics, or press Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-S. Flip down the little Arrow next to word frequency. By default, the arrow is a selected widget, so you can just press the spacebar to flip it down. Default sort is alphabetical, but you can sort by frequency, too.

A phrase analyser would be nice too, though.



Thanks for the hint, Amber.
Though it is not a concordance that I am looking for but …

Right. That’s what I am after.

A few months ago, I looked for such a tool. I found one that was for the Mac (can’t remember the name) but it does not display the words in context. So it is not really of use for me.

The only useful tool I have found so far is Textanz, which is only available for Windows, however. I immediately bought it for my work. One of the best investments in the last months.


Yep, PageFour is very nice - in fact, there has always been a link to it on my links page, if you take a look. And where did you think I got the name “snapshots” from? :slight_smile:


Ah. So you’re gonna borrow the Smart Edit feature, too? That would be great.

SCNR, Franz

This thread isn’t in Wish List. And the answer is no anyway. :slight_smile: