Pagination and Documentary Script text boxes

I’m currently using the Documentary script provided with Scrivener.

If, when compiling, Scrivener comes across a text (AUDIO) box that does not fit within the remaining length of the page, the box is printed in its entirety on the next page, leaving a large, unused white space at the bottom of the previous page. I need Scrivener to at least break the box across pages. Even better, there should be an indicator at the bottom of the box with the break such as, “(cont.)”

Is this possible?

What are AUDIO/VIDEO based script creators using to avoid large white spaces in scripts and wasted paper?

thanks, j


There’s no way to do this, I’m afraid. Scrivener isn’t intended to fully replace dedicated scriptwriting software - if you need “Cont.” at the end of a page you will need a package such as Final Draft or Final Draft AV.

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Thanks for your reply.

quote from referring to Final Draft AV for the Mac:


Thank you for the organizational tools in Scrivener. It’s making my tracking of MANY interviews and snippets from them much easier for my current documentary project. Discovered just in time as we wrapped shooting a couple of weeks ago. Any other FD AV like candidates for export? The full up FD may be a future purchase, but not practical right now.

All the best, j

Wow, I had no idea that FD AV 2.x had been discontinued for the Mac. I wish we had the resources to do more in this area, but we currently don’t (I am the sole Mac programmer, and general uber-boss being the Scriv designer). As far as I know, Final Draft (non-AV) isn’t really suitable for documentary scripts either. Hopefully another documentary scriptwriter out there can chip in…

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After looking around the web for a Documentary/AV format solution to replace Final Draft AV, it appears that one does not exist. Celtx tries but falls short according to several forum posters there. Final Draft AV continues to exist on the PC, so there’s no need to roll the Mac version’s AV features in Final Draft.

Interesting… I found one support link to FD AV suggesting that Mac-Intel users with problems booting the program should use the “Use Rosetta” option in the Get Info box. Yikes. That kind of explains their abandonment with the release of OS X Lion.

I will use Scrivener for the time being and work around the formatting issues myself.

There may be a window of opportunity for Scrivener in the AV, TV Commercial, Documentary writer base. You’re already pretty close!

Cheers, j