Paid for license but didn't receive it

I purchased a Scapple license but never actually received it. I used the “recover lost license” option but the email said that I had no purchase history. I emailed sales support on the website to recover lost licenses but otherwise, I’m kind of beside myself as to what to do.

I am sorry to learn that you did not receive your license from our servers.

To protect your privacy, we do not discuss licensing questions via this public forum.

It sounds like you have already opened a help ticket via our Contact Us form, is that correct?

If so, you should have received an automated reply confirming that your help request was received.

If you have not received that automated request, please check your email’s spam folder in case our responses went there.

I used my student email for both the license purchase and the request form. I did not receive a reply for either of those.

Have you checked your SPAM folder? Seems a common occurrence wiht emails ending there, especially Win related.

Yes, I have checked my spam folder. I realized that I glossed over the fact that an institutional affiliation is required for the education discount, which is what I purchased. I don’t believe that my university is an affiliate, but I already paid. How do I move forward from here?

I just received the email and activated my license.

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Great that it’s all sorted for you. Enjoy!