Paid tutorial over Skype!!! Emergency help required!!!


No idea if people offer tutorials, but thought I’d ask as I’m in a sticky situation. I have to submit my PhD thesis soon and, as much as I enjoy using Scrivener, I’ve gone about learning it all a bit experimentally, which means things like Compile are a pain.

Does anyone give Skype tutorials? I’d need maybe an hour or two. Compiling to Word is my main issue, but topics like:

  • Advice on what is best to edit/fix in word or scrivener
  • Bringing all the chapters together in one document
  • How best to arrange the structure in the binder
  • The headings (I find when I compile often the headings are all over the place)
  • Formatting diagrams
  • Page breaks
  • Using Zotero to insert a bibliography (not essential!)
  • Making sure Styles are done in the best way

Based in London. I’m thinking approx $25 for an hour??

I know that there are lots of video lessons, but a Skype tutorial could save massive time.

That said, if tutoring isn’t available, it would be great to be pointed in the direction of 2-3 great video’s that cover most of above??? Perhaps even one for thesis formatting?

Hoping someone can help - will be such a lifesaver!!!

Sorry I can’t help directly; I don’t have time or expertise in about half of the items you’ve listed. But before anyone can do much for you, it would be helpful to know if you’re running Scrivener 3 for Mac, or if you’re working from an older version. Compile is different in version 3, and so will impact who might offer their services, advice, or which links they share.

Good luck!

Have you looked at our own video tutorials? … s?os=macOS

Also, when is “soon?” “This week” is a whole different level of urgency from “this month” or “this term,” and you should expect fees to vary accordingly.


Thanks for the thoughts, Robert - I’m running Scrivener 3 for Mac.

Katherine - I can imagine the going rate is variable, but encouraged that at least some will offer it.

(Video’s very helpful by the way!)

I’m after help this month, sometime between 19th March and 25th March would be great.

Is it something you might consider Katherine?

Anyone, please do let me know!

Sorry, no, I’m not personally available. Best of luck finding someone. – Katherine

You say you’re based in London. London is a big place, so whereabouts are you? I don’t think I’d like to do it over Skype as I have had a fair amount of experience of generally trying to help friends with computer matters over the phone and it has often been difficult without being able to see their screen. But I might be able to help if we could meet up … depending on time and place. Also, I wouldn’t class myself as expert in some of the areas you mention. You could PM me if that would help and I’ll tell you more.