Pandoc V2.0 released

A major new version of Pandoc has just been released. It features a major set of new features and lots of underlying code updates to simplify future development. A full, rather epic changelog is available here:

I’ve been using the beta version of Pandoc 2 with Scrivener for many months without issue. Of note for Scrivener users, there are some nice new additions to the pandoc markdown format. The first are fenced divs (, which allow you to create attributes on block paragraphs; for example you can create an INFO or WARNING box:

::: warning :::
some text

some text

If you need to pass through some raw text to a specific format there is now a more general raw_attribute, so if for example you want to pass Mediawiki markup directly you can do inline like so: Here is some '''text''' to play with, <sup>yes</sup>.{=mediawiki} and the same for blocks using code block syntax.

Filters are a really powerful way to transform text from Scrivener, and Pandoc 2 now allows you to use native Lua filters without installing anything else:

You can now directly create PDFs via HTML using PrinceXML or weasyprint. I use Prince which works wonderfully direct from Scrivener.

Improved iBook metadata, and quite a few improvements to EPUB2/3 generation in general.

Many many fixes to improve DOCX, HTML, LaTeX and many other outputs.