Paper Fade, Fades the Background, Not the Paper!

Paper Fade, fades the background, Not the Paper. I can even start clicking on the desktop shortcuts when it’s faded.
First, paper fade did nothing with my custom image. Then I changed it back to solid color, and it started fading the background. Now it fades the background image when i set it to an image.
Restarted the computer to no effect.
Just tried to include a photo of this happening and this with the ‘upload button’ on the form, and it gave me an error that ‘i can’t embed media in a post’:

I uninstalled/reinstalled. didn’t fix it.
Just started tampering with lots of options.
I dunno. Eventually it just started working.
It doesn’t smoothly change though. It takes about 3 seconds after adjusting before it displays the new transparency setting.

Set the background image in Project > Project Settings > Background Images instead of Options > Appearance > Composition Mode. I had the same issue until I figured this out too.

I started with the image in project settings. There’s some weird behavior going on with this release.

Also, there’s a weird small box in the upper left in composition mode, that I can’t get ride of. It’s not completely solid either

Also why can’t I upload an image or edit my posts!

Okay, so I figured out the small box in the upper left. if line_numbers is enabled, then that box is up there, but there’s not line numbers. disabling line numbers gets rid of it

First, just another user here so I can’t change this. As I understand it, until you’ve made a few posts and replies, the forum won’t let you edit or upload images, as a brake on spammers.

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Paper Fading is not working on composition mode applied to the entire book/parent module, but is working on all child objects so far.

Nevermind. It’s not working on main folders or files that have children either. Only works on the child objects. I can even use the “go-to” at the bottom and watch it change, never leaving composition mode.

Are you using scrivenings? Opening one in composition mode seems to break paper fade.

I have not yet become cognizant of what scrivenings are

Oh, you mean view a parent as if a composite of its children elements. Yeah that’s what I mean.