Paper textures?

Hello! I am a complete neophyte at this kind of software, but I am evaluating several demos and enjoying deeply the Scrivener’s one!
One of the features I like most here is the Full Screen mode, really the classiest among all those of the competitors… however, I would like the option to set some kind paper textures for the page there - I think that Storyist has a couple of good ones.

Any project to implement this? Or maybe links to where I can find plain textures (ie not very elaborated) of white paper to download for free? Believe me, I have had a look around but among all the ‘blood soaked, crumpled, water stained, ruled etc etc’ types of textures, it is very difficult to find some decent simple ones!

Thank you for the input!
And kudos for a great piece of software :wink:

I won’t even think about speaking for Keith, but if it’s not of interest to him, it probably won’t get implemented in Scrivener*. If you want to accomplish the same thing through a little jiggery-pokery, then you can do this in the full screen settings by using a texture as your background and setting the transparency of the “paper” to as close to 100% as Scrivener allows.

  • It is Keith’s “baby**” after all.
    ** Well, not his literal baby***
    *** I mean, it is his idea and the product of years of work by Keith, just not a actual baby.****
    **** Although it is his “brainchild”, so you could say it really is a kind of baby. *****
    ***** I guess I could have avoided all of this by allowing the metaphor to stand****** on it’s own.
    ****** … But not literally “stand”…

Hi Ariella, and welcome to Scrivener!

You can set the paper texture for full screen under Scrivener>Preferences:Appearance. Toward the bottom under Customizable Colors, choose Full Screen>Paper and then click the button to “Choose Texture” and select an image off your hard drive. You can pick anything, so you’ll need to find your own, but I just did a quick Google search and came up with some, including this site. (I didn’t look hard, but they look fairly classic and pretty vs. grungy vampires…) Stock.xchng may be a good source to check out, too; I’ve found a lot of nice images there that can be used or cropped for a texture background, free for your own private use (just check the license).

Hope that helps!

… or you can do it the right way, as MM pointed out. :blush:

You can go the backdrop route, though (View>Full Screen Backdrop), and choose something cool as a big image to fill the screen and then put the paper transparency to zero. Depending on the image, that might work better. So many options! :slight_smile:

This sounds a bit ominous, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

But seriously thanks to you all for your replies! I have solved the ‘problem’ already following your suggestions and getting some likable patterns.

Nice links, full of good patterns. Now I am all set!

Heh, actually one of the reasons there are no built-in patterns to choose from is that I couldn’t find any I could use (copyright-free - you can use anything for personal use, but not for distribution with a program) and I’m no good at designing textures myself. But as the others have pointed out, as long as you find a decent paper texture you can easily use it as the text background using “Choose texture…” in the preferences. I did have a nice paper texture somewhere that Ioa sent me ages ago (I was hoping Ioa might pop by, actually, as he has some good paper textures).

All the best,

Yeah, the only real tiling paper texture I have is the one I gave you ages ago for the BlockWriter thing; maybe check in the resources for that project. I used a scan I made of a nice cotton paper with a dappled texture, so it’s free to use.


I like these textures a lot:

Best, Paolo

Many thanks for this. For anyone wanting more of a parchment look while maintaining a virtually seamless tile, I took the liberty of giving the provided paper texture a sepia shift that I think works nicely. I prefer tans and creams for an easier-on-the-eye backdrop. This may not be for everyone, but…