Paperback Formatting Front Matter - Roman Numerals

I want to add a list of characters to the front matter. The list is two pages long. I want the page number (in Roman Numerals) to appear on the second page but not the first. I can turn them both on but can’t figure out how to just have the numbers appear on the second page.

I don’t think there is an option that would allow the front matter to skip numbering for page 1.
But that can easily be fixed afterwards in a wysiwyg editor. LibreOffice for e.g. (Depending on the format you compiled to.)

On the other hand, in my opinion, if your front matter has only two pages and you plan on numbering only the second, it wouldn’t be such a big deal to not number them at all… (?)

I’ve got a number of pages in my front matter. As a novel it has half-title, full-title, copyright, dedication, table of contents, and then a list of characters. All of them, except the list of characters, are single pages. Only the list of characters runs into another page. I’ve figured out how to handle a list of characters that’s three pages long but not one that’s only two.

Three or two, do it the same way.

Doesn’t work, For three pages I break the document into two. One is single page, which doesn’t have a number printed on it. The other is two pages which can have numbers if you put <$p-r> in the format for Front Pages.

Well… ok… but, won’t they have the wrong numbers?
Why not do things the simple way? Leave it as a single doc, then later go in LibreOffice/Word/Whatever and remove the page number from the first page?..

Use the same section type for both of your 2-page documents.

I have two projects. One is the book cover including the title page. The other project contains the rest of the book. I compile the two projects into their own PDFs. Then merge them together into one PDF using Python. That gets the printed page numbers how I want. Then I add bookmarks and pagelabels to the PDF using Python.

For ePUB and other formats. I’m sure there is Python code to get similar results.

I’m with @Vincent_Vincent. I would compile to RTF and use my word processor to finesse the pagination and print to PDF from that. Seeing the text in the word processor also makes it easier to spot typos and misspellings.



I was so close to getting it right all in Scrivener. Wanted to see if I’d been overlooking some tricks. Thanks for all the comments!