Paperless by Mariner 1.0

Mariner has released something called Paperless – a document and receipt management application. It used to be ReceiptWallet.

Anyone know anything about this? Tried it? Is it a full blown data manager, like DevonThink?

Hmm. Strikes me as one of those things that creates a ton of work for something which, well works fine already. Delicious Library type thing, where you are supposed to spend countless hours scanning or “importing” stuff that can otherwise be sorted or filed as-is. Boxes full of receipts. It isn’t sexy, but it takes three seconds to file and there are no ambiguities about whether or not it can be used legally to prove a purchase. IRS might accept them in the case of an audit, but what if you need to return a product? I highly doubt they’ll take something that has been obviously re-printed. Receipt fraud is far too widespread to take chances with it.

Yeah, that’s kind of where I was.

Y’know, it’s funny. I downloaded the trial, and it is a typically well-designed Mariner product. Elegantly implemented, utterly Mac-like, very simple and intuitive. I get all ginned up* about the app, right up to the point where I discover than I don’t really need it.** That happened with StoryMill, Montage, Contour, Mariner Write, and now this. There is not a bum in that lot – every single one of those applicationis a joy to use. But they’re all a little derivative; a tiny bit late to the party. Literally, I guess, because Mariner tends to buy out small developers, spruce up their software (again, really well) and add the Mariner badge.

I’m sure it’s just me. My mania for The New Application has filled my hard drive with… pretty much everything. Why I own licenses for Circus Ponies Notebook, MacJournal and VooDooPad*** is a mystery – it speaks to a certain level of mental illness. What I’m saying is, it would take a lot for a developer to surprise me with the new, so I can’t really fault Mariner. I just want them to beat someone to the punch, just once.****

While I’m blathering*****, it strikes me that exactly two applications have surprised me in the last 5 years. Scrivener was one – when I first saw it, I was like “Meh. It’s just another Avenir, Ulysses, whatever.” It wasn’t.

The second was Curio, which just seemed (seems) visionary.

[size=85]* Often literally.

** Citing Delicious Library was a good call – same thing there. It remains the single most awesome app I have never used.

*** VP is still freaking awesome, and I do have an elaborate “Sean’s brain” wiki set up, although I’m not as vigilant about it as I should be.

****MacGourmet, actually, was kind of new(ish), and remains the Mariner app I use the most.

***** See what happens when you get all ginned up?[/size]

I can’t speak for Paperless or Delicious Library; but I do find at least one “Delicious lIbrary type thing” – namely, Bookpedia – to be extremely helpful. It helps me keep track of two personal libraries in separate locations, books I’ve lent out, books I want, books that I’ve ordered and are currently being shipped to me (yes, it’s happened that I’ve forgotten, and the book got lost in the post, only to remember months later), and books I know I want to buy from a particular bookseller. The ISBN scanning in it does help speed up the process a bit. And its iPhone app helps takes one’s “to buy” list with one, as well as to check which editions of a work one owns.

In other words, some of those "type"s of programs can actually be very useful. Though receipts, for the reasons listed by Amber, are beyond me…


Mentioned paperless to my wife, and she said “Oh, that would be great for keeping receipts for expense reports.” So there ya go.

And, let’s face it, a lot of people love them some Delicious Library. It’s won a ton of awards and rave reviews, and it’s name is used to describe to the whole small-Mac-developer movement. I’ve heard Scrivener described as part of the Delicious Generation more than once.

Not a delicious user, but I do like it. I was looking at it as an inventory tracker for insurance use. Scan the UPC on new “stuff” (or if the UPC is part of the product) and much of the info is pre-filled in. What didn’t work for me was the limited “amazon” focus. Too much of my “stuff” is simply not there.

in general I do se the app useful for “normal” users (few of us here would even come close to normal).

As to the receipts… I am required to submit them electronically. My accountant submits them electronically. My bank processes everything electronically. The store simply scans the barcode on my return. I am with you guys and the “what’s the point of doing all the extra work” view, but I think we are in the minority here.