Paragraph move shortcut key?

No.1 on wishlist: a shortcut key to move paragraphs up and down so I can re-order them easily. In Word, that’s shift+alt+up/down. (In Scrivener, that moves between files in the binder.)

Done my best to read through the manual and search the forum - this doesn’t appear to be a feature yet (I’m using the microsoft version). This is the single feature that makes me return to Microsoft Word. I’m an academic writer - the ability to chop paragraph order around is hugely useful. I can of course highlight / cut / paste, but that’s considerably more faff when I’m trying to work out the order of an argument and breaks the thought process.

Again, profuse apologies if this feature already exists and I can’t find it.

Split the paragraph, from any other text in its document, and then drag it in the Binder. That’s how I solve the issue. Back when I used Word I found that its move paragraph didn’t allow me to see the structure of the document as I was changing it. Scrivener’s Binder gives me that structure explicitly. Plus with the Binder I can move multiple paragraphs/documents simultaneously.

[EDIT] Moving a paragraph more than ± 1 or 2 is utterly tedious in Word. If one needs to move text 10s of paragraphy up or down then dragging it around in Scrivener’s Binder is going to be much quicker and result in text ending up where it should (because there is clear visual feedback of the change in structure). If one needs to move text more than a few paragraphs then Documents > Move > To > … > … > … is a godsend as is that one can move a document around in the project without having to shift its individual paragraphs one-by-one.