Paragraph Spacing Between Paragraphs of the Same Style

The typical formatting I use when writing a document in Scrivener is with indented paragraphs with no space between paragraphs. This is great, and works well for my writing flow.

However, when I have a Block Quote, I use a Block Quote style, which is unsurprisingly a Paragraph style. This style also maintains indent formatting with its paragraphs (in addition to some other formatting options that are immaterial to the issue at hand)

What I would like is for Block Quotes—including multi-paragraph Block Quotes—to be separated from the no-style paragraphs by a little bit of paragraph spacing. However, I do not want the multiple paragraphs of the Block Quote to themselves have that spacing between them.

In Word (and yes, I realize that Scrivener is not a WYSIWYG editor like word, and when it comes to compiling I can pick radically different things here), I would be able to do this for a given style in the Paragraph menu option “Don’t add space between paragraphs in the same style”.

I cannot figure out how to accomplish this in Scrivener (and in fact, I end up with all sorts of things that have larger spaces between Block Quote paragraphs than between no-style and Block Quote paragraphs!), and after having done some googling and skimming through the manual, I have come to the tentative conclusion that it does not exist.

If it does exist, my apologies; let me know how to do this and I will be thoroughly happy.

But if it does not, I do think this would be a helpful thing, though it would just apply to the appearance in the editor itself. I realize that there might be a fundamental limitation within the .rtf format here that prevents this, and if that’s the case, I also apologize for not having done sufficient research in that. Still, if this could somehow be added—in short, the ability to have different paragraph spacing between paragraphs of the same style than paragraphs of different styles—it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for making such fantastic software!

Could this be resolved with two virtually identical block-quote styles—one with paragraph spacing of X, and the other with paragraph spacing of Y?

If creating a single paragraph of block quote, use X.

If creating multiple paragraphs of block quote, use Y for the first and any sequential paragraphs, and then use X for the closing paragraph so that the “after” spacing is consistent.

Not elegant, but would that work for your needs?

Or have I misunderstood?



Sample project attached…


While that certainly is one way to accomplish getting that particular look in my project, it feels a little…inelegant. I would much rather have just one style that I apply to block quotes (especially when it comes to managing how those styles interact within compilation).

Thank you for the suggestion, however.