Paragraph Spacing with Compile for EPUB

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I am formatting a novel manuscript for upload to Amazon. System: MacBook Pro/MAC OS X V10.7.4, using Scrivener V2.2 (15858), and Calibre V0.8.5.1

After some trial and error, I have everything as I want it with the exception of the spacing on standard paragraphs. Please note in the graphic below, it appears that I have only one space (or perhaps two) for indentation.

I’ve taken the defaults on the formatting screen. If you look at my binder, I probably didn’t use the best setup but I’ve got it working.

When I “override” the formatting, only the title is active, and I can’t seem to “get to” the main text. Also, from a visual inspection, the paragraph indentation looks fine until I actually inspect the file using Calibre.

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Note that the main text area is greyed out because you haven’t got “Override text and notes formatting” ticked - if that’s not ticked, the greyed-out area just shows how it would look if you ticked it. The output will just use the formatting of the text as it appears in the editor, though. So the first thing I recommend to try is to tick “Override text and notes formatting” and then try setting up the text as you want it to appear.

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When I select the override, and move a hanging indent a couple of spaces to the right, what happens is

  1. I lose the font on all the text sections (ONE, TWO) etc. The header format is intact, but the text changes font to Courier, and the indentation does not change.

  2. I made the change in the Compile–>Formatting–>Override on the Level 2+ text.

What makes the font change? What did I do wrong on the indent?

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Calibre’s internal viewer doesn’t always give consistent results, especially with mobi files. Take a look at your epub file in a dedicated reader program.

You might need css to fix paragraph spacing. Calibre gives you the option to include special css. If you google paragraph spacing for epub files you can get the code.

Hope this helps.