Paragraph styles not overwritten in Section when exporting Manuscript (Courier)

In my Epigraph section, the first “Lorem Ipsum” has No Style and the second has a manual paragraph style which is relevant for ebook export but not manuscript.

When I export using Manuscript (Courier) the Epigraph has “Section” Section Type.

If I look at Section in Compile Format Designer, the Section Layouts for Chapter, Chapter with Title, Titled Section, Section Text, and New Page all have “Override text and notes formatting” checked

Nevertheless, the exported PDF uses Courier for the first Lorem Ipsum but the second is rendered in Times

What’s curious is that the font has changed to Times, but the italic formatting is gone, instead it is underlined, so some kind of style overriding has happened.

Assigned Styles are not overridden by the Section Layout formatting. You’ll need to use the separate Styles pane for that.

Converting italics to underline is a separate setting, which you’ll find in the Transformations pane of the Compile Format Editor.

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Do you mean this?

My manually created style for the second “Lorem Ipsum” is not listed

Use the top-right [+v]-button to insert your Editor Style as a Compile Style

Thanks. To clarify for others, after adding this style in Compile Format Designer / Styles, you then have to change the font to Courier New 12pt in the same window and set 2.0x spacing

Your issue can be simplified, I suspect. Without having access to the details, it would seem that your assigned style for the second ‘Lorem ipsum’ is set to retain all formatting—whatever the wording is, I’m not at my computer—which is why you’ve had to import it into the compile format and change the font there.

If you create all your paragraph styles other than any you expressly want to differ from the default font* by clicking the drop-down and choosing ‘paragraph style’ and unticking ‘retain font family’ and ‘retain font size’ then you don’t need to import the style and change it.

Note, doing this, italics and bold are not styles but embellishments and will be retained on compile. If you create a paragraph style which retains all formatting, in any text marked as that style, words within it in italics or bold will lose their embellishments on compiling.

  • Paragraphs which you might want to differ from the default font and size could include headings for instance.