Paragraphs and spacing

I am writing an e-book for Kindle using Scrivener. I am using the novel format. Is it usual to simply have an indent per paragraph with no line space? I keep being tempted to put an extra line space. Would value your opinions.

It really depends on whether you want to format everything as you write, or if you want to let the compile settings dictate paragraph indents & spacing, and also whether the kindle format actually pays attention to your settings, or if it dictates paragraph spacing based on its own settings. (Note that I am NOT an ebook expert. For all I know, the Kindle doesn’t pay any attention to the settings I’m about to discuss.)

But just to be clear; you should never hit ENTER twice to add space between paragraphs. Neither should you use the TAB key to indent a paragraph; both of those things can and should be set to in the editor/compile settings.

Format->Show Format Bar will reveal the tools needed to modify your currently selected text settings (but will not change what is the default). Select all of your text, click on the the drop-down that shows a number and an ‘x’ (mines shows 1.0x), and then select More… from that list. There will be a First Line: setting for paragraph indents, and “Before” and “After” settings for spacing between paragraphs.

But I don’t recommend you do it in the editor. Instead, if it matters to you what your text looks like during composition, go to Tools->Options->Editor, and adjust your paragraph settings (and font) from there. Once done with that, select all of your current documents in the Binder, and go to Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style. This will convert everything you’ve selected to the new settings, and from there on out, your new documents will also be formatted that way by default.

And finally, if you don’t really mind the settings that you have while you compose your work, but you need it to come out a particular way, go to File->Compile->Formatting, and select the appropriate document type and level(s), click the modify button below, and make your changes there. Alternately, if your formatted everything the way you wanted it in the editor, then Format As: Original will preserve your font & paragraph settings.

Thanks so much for your time. That’s really helpful. :smiley: