Parallel drafts / Same outline


I’m currently evaluating Scrivener to check if I can use it for a writing project. It’s a novel project and I’m primarily writing it in my native German. At the same time I’m working on English language versions of particular scenes to share them with American writing friends (and maybe using these translations for English language writing courses as well). So I would like to be able to set up chapters and scenes (in German) and share them for German and English language drafts. Is there a nice way to do that?



How you would go about this depends on what you would want to do with the compile export function. If you never intend to compile all of the English scenes together, you could simply place them beside their German equivalents in the draft, and disable export on them. This option is in the Inspector. Then everything is located together, but when you compile the draft, only the German part of the book will export. You can still, of course, export the English scenes using the file export feature, which will create a separate file for each scene.

If you would rather have the option of compiling either German or English versions, then you could create two top-level forks in the draft, one for each language, and keep these synchronised. When you compile the draft, there is an option at the top in the Content tab which lets you choose the top-level fork to compile. You would select either one of the language forks.