Parallels Access with iPad vs Surface 4 Pro.

I’ve been using Parallels Access with my iPad mini to work with Scrivener when I’m away from home and without my Macbook Pro. It works pretty well on the iPad and even on the iPhone.

I’m thinking, though of getting a new touchscreen soon and wonder if anyone has any guidance as to whether I should stick with my current Parallels Access scheme and use it with the new iPad pro or instead, work with Scrivener for Windows and install it on a new Surface 4 Pro?

I switched to the Mac universe after working with (and at) Windows for years but, to be honest, I think they may have finally got a reliable OS with Windows 10. All opinions welcome.


I’ve got a lot of experience with both Mac and Windows Scrivener.

I was Windows first, then Mac. If I’d never seen the Mac version, I’d be happy with the Windows one. However, having been exposed to Mac Scrivener, I prefer using it.

Don’t get me wrong. Windows Scrivener is still fantastic. But Mac Scrivener is fantasticer, in my opinion.

According to here:

I’d have to think that will take a while.

Personally, even though I’m probably getting a SP4, I’m going to stick with Scrivener on Mac as the main platform.

Thanks, Endlessloop.