Past and Match Style : Feature request?

I’m very new to Scrapple (and am loving it), but one feature I haven’t seen is something like “paste and match style”. I copy/paste from different sources and usually would like them to appear with the same default formatting my notes already have. Otherwise, I have to put/paste to a text editor first. If this feature does exist please point me in the right direction, and if not please consider this a feature request.


I think I agree, here. Pasting a note style would be be helpful. For instance: Older documents without a certain style could be quickly converted to a style by copy/pasting note styles.

Yeah, also new to Scapple and I’m loving it!
I think something like Shift+Drag onto element copies the style to the target element, and alt/fn+drag onto element applies the style from the target to the source element(s).
That way you can quickly convert existing elements to styles that already exist in your page.