"paste and match style" imports line breaks

This is a really simple question, I think. Sometimes I copy and paste block-quote snippets from PDF documents into Scrivener text files (using “paste and match style” – Ctrl+Shift+V).

However, the line breaks get pasted in, too, so I have to go through the pasted bits line-by-line to delete the breaks.

Is there any way around this? (And yes I realize it’s an issue in Word, too, but there are some ingenious search-and-replace work-arounds.)

Thank you!

No, this is a factor of copying from a PDF, so as you note it’s not something peculiar to Scrivener or other word processor. Formatting and layout are more or less baked into a PDF, so you’re just getting the whole thing as-is. You’ll find headings and footers that are within the selection will get copied too, and mid-word hyphenation if the PDF uses hyphenation to break a word over two lines.

Thank you!