Paste and Match Style removes character formatting.

When I copy formatted text and use Paste and Match Style, italics and bold go away. The paragraph I’m copying into isn’t formatted to forbid italics and bold, so why should this happen?

“Paste and Match Style” pastes as unformatted text. To retain your character attributes, you’ll need to use ordinary Paste, and remove formatting you don’t want after.

Hope this helps!

Yeah, this command is analogous to copying rich text into Notepad and then cutting and pasting from there. It’s just a convenient alternative to taking that step of ensuring all formatting is obliterated.

Why not change the name of it, since it doesn’t match style?

… because it matches the style of the paragraph into which you paste it.


In your example, if you Paste and Match Style to immediately after the italicized “Resetting the Tutorial”, then the pasted text would be italicized. If after the bolded “Tips”, then the pasted text would be bolded. The pasted text inherits or matches the formatting of the text immediately preceding it.