Paste and match style

Is it possible to change shortcuts so that Cmd-V is “Paste and match style”?


That would not be a Good Thing. The current shortcuts are consistent with Apple apps such as TextEdit, and cmd-V should always be a straight paste. But you can change them yourself via System Preferences Keyboard & Mouse settings, though, of course.

I tried swapping the two at the system level for a while, because I deal in 99% plain text. Be aware that it will raise issues with a number of carbon applications. A better solution is to find a clipboard processor that allows keybinding to filters, such as PTHPasteboard. Plainclip is a nice application that I’ve often recommended in the past, but it requires you to run it before you paste, every time.

This is something I was wanting, also. Amber, when you say you switched them at the system level, you mean you did it in Keyboard prefs for All Applications? If I just swapped them for Scrivener, that wouldn’t do anything weird to any other apps, right?

I swapped them at the system level using the global keyboard preferences, yes. And correct, keeping it confined to Scrivener should not cause any problems.