Pasted text is written in small capitals

I am quite new to Scrivener, using the German MAC-Version. I use a template someone gave to me, it ist based on the BBC Radio-Template.

I want to make a radio-play from a short story, that I have written some time ago. So when I create a new scene I often copy and paste the dialogue from the Word version of the short story. When I do so, all pasted text comes with a different format. This I can change by hand. But in addition it comes with small capitals (I hope I found the right translation: Every letter is printed as capital; even the small letters). This I can not change.

Is there a solution? :question:


Well it sounds like the Edit/Paste and Match Style menu command will be of some use to you here, but getting rid of small caps that have been implemented in this fashion will be more difficult. The problem is a common method of printing small caps is to fake it by uppercasing all of the letters and then adjusting the font sizes to create the difference in appearance, instead of using a typographic small cap setting or dedicated font. In other words, that’s what your text actually is, all uppercase letters. To that there is no perfect solution since software cannot know where the real capitals are meant to be and lowercase all of the rest. You might find that the case options in the Format/Convert/ sub-menu could help though. There is a title case which will simply capitalise every word that may work with light editing, or just lowercase the whole thing.

It might be easier to just remove the small cap formatting using Word, first.

Thanks to you, AmberV. I will try to understand, what you are telling me. The names in the German version are all different, so it is not too easy. 8)

No problem! The pasting menu command is Bearbeiten/Einsetzen und Stil anpassen, and the command to convert capitals to lower case is Format/Umwandeln/In Kleinschreibung.

It is quite a long time since I posted this thread, but I still have to thank you, AmberV. It works as you said and it is great to write my scripts in Scrivener. 8) I just did not know what Edit/Paste and Match Stile meant. This saves me a lot of time.