Pasting a list as new notes

Hi, I have a series of notes I wanted pasted as separate notes with line or paragraph breaks into Scapple. What I’ve tried:

  • copy and pasting - all merged into one note
  • importing into Scrivener as an rtf as separate text pages, then dragging into Scapple - each page is given a title, which is entered into the note. 300 character limit to notes (though I can trim notes to focus anyway)
  • copying into a spreadsheet then pasting into Scapple - pastes as an object

So any tips on getting a list of short text sections into Scapple as separate notes?

The best way is to get your text into some kind of text file format, like TXT or RTF, and then import the file into Scapple (or drag and drop the file into the board). When done in this fashion, you will be asked if you’d like to split the file up into notes, and by what separator. Carriage returns are permitted, so you can have each line become a new note.

The other approach is to manually split, using the Notes ▸ Split command. But that’s of course better if there are only a few break points to handle.

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Thanks, the drag and drop method worked best.

Dear Friends: Hope all is well. I’m wondering if there is a way to create separate notes (possibly with borders) from a long list of words in one step? Thanks. --Joe

Many thanks AmberV for your prompt response. Much appreciated. I thought I did a search, but didn’t come across this good exchange. Thanks again. --Joe

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