Pasting a URL Without Changing Formatting

I often paste a URL into the Notes for a document. It makes it a link and changes the text color to blue and underlines it.

However, if I add more text to the note, that new text be blue and underlined (though it’s not a link). IOW, I need to change the text color and remove the underlining if I want to add more text to the note.

It would be nice if I didn’t have to do that.

Double tap ‘Enter’.
Paste your link on the first line.
continue to add text to notes without the need to change color or underline.

Yeah, that “paste into blank line” method is what I typically do for most things, where I wish to paste formatting (though the ⌥⌘0 shortcut to clear paragraph and character formatting has mitigated the need for that older approach).

One odd thing about your description though is that with purely Scrivener (or really macOS to be technical) generated hyperlink recognition, the formatting should not continue like bold or italic formatting would. It is in fact not formatting in the traditional sense, but a dynamic overlay that works more like syntax highlighting would, in a coding editor.

Maybe the source of your links is the culprit? If the source is adding deliberate blue and underline formatting to the text on top of being a hyperlink, then it would be logical for Scrivener to continue that formatting normally, just as it would with bold text or anything else along those lines.

To confirm, try pasting the URL itself as plain-text into the editor, letting the editor recognise it, and then continuing to type off of it. You may even notice the whole URL “breaks” if you type without spaces.

For Scrivener, I have swapped the shortcuts for Paste and Past and Match Style, because I almost always want the latter.

Here’s what happens:

If I copy the URL from the address line in Chrome, and paste it into the notes, it works as I described above. That is, it turns it into a link and the blue underlined formatting continues.

If, however, I copy that same URL into a text file, then copy from there and paste into the notes, it doesn’t change it to a link at all.

Hmm, do you have the Automatically detect web addresses option enabled in the Corrections preference pane? That should be a detected URL, though the algorithm does sometimes struggle, I’ve never seen it struggle with simple URLs like forum links. If you don’t mind having that option enabled, then doing so, and using plain-text pasting should resolve the main problem.

No, I have that unchecked because I referred to a web site in one of my books, and not in the front or back matter, and I didn’t want it turned into a link.

Now that I know that Chrome is futzing around with the formatting, I’ll just use the blank line approach.


I often paste a URL into the Notes for a document. It makes it a link and changes the text color to blue and underlines it.

Hi Al, I have a sort of, kinda similar situation, and I wonder if you might help (or you Oracle Amber): I was looking through an old Scrivener project, and I noticed that I had created an item with 40-50 tweets from and each one appeared with hyperlinks.

I’ve tried to recreate this, several months later, not remembering what I did last time, and can’t make it work. If I cut and paste the page of tweets, they copy but without hyperlinks.

FYI, here’s an image of the page I created earlier, with clickable hyperlinks.

Any info you can give would be much appreciated.

A few things to check:

  • Hyperlinks are a form of rich text formatting. Do other forms of formatting vanish when you copy and paste, such as bold and italic text?
  • Have you double-checked to make sure those are actually links? They look like it, but if you click on them do they do anything, or are they just blue text with an underscore?


Yes, they are definitely hyperlinks.

I was unable to quickly find bolded/italicized formatting on a webpage, but when I copy/pasted a snippet of formatted text from a Word document, it failed to materialize in Scrivner as well.

If I laboriously (poor, poor me) copy the destination link from the original document and hyperlink it to the corresponding text in Scrivener, it works perfectly.


Thanks for trying, and any additional solutions will be gladly accepted.


Are you by any chance using Paste and Match Style rather than straight Paste?

If you are losing all formatting, then it is likely you changed the default paste assignment to Paste and Match Style in Scrivener, or you have installed a clipboard manager that is stripping formatting for you. You can test the former by using the Edit ▸ Paste… command specifically, instead of the keyboard shortcut. The latter would require disabling your clipboard manager temporarily, to see if that improves the situation.

This is a great idea. I hate fiddling with the styles, constantly fixing issues because I did a simple paste. I wish the default was to match style. I’m going to do this as well. Thanks!