pasting graphics into editor

I paste a lot of graphics into the editor. Is there any way to preset the size of the image? Every time I paste a graphic into my document it’s huge. I have to manually scale each one down using the “edit image” window that pops up when I double click the image—just looking for a way to streamline and standardize this process. Thank you so very much.

The best solution is to use an image editor to size the image to match your intended output format before pasting into Scrivener. If you plan to use full-size print-quality images, you’ll probably want to use a low-resolution placeholder in the project itself, and link the final images in later. See Section 15.6 in the Scrivener 3 manual for more information.


If you’re using MMD, you can use the MMD syntax to insert the high-quality image and paste in a screenshot placeholder. If you make this placeholder image an inline comment, it won’t show up when you compile.