Pasting in from PDF: set paragraph indents and font?

Newish user here; I’m adding text from a PDF document to a larger Scrivener project. I really wish I could:

  1. Paste paragraphs into a Scrivener document that knows the text should be indented .5 in
  2. Use the font of the rest of the Scrivener project uses
  3. Use footnote fonts the rest of the Scrivener project uses.

Even though I set the preferences->formatting, every time I create a new text item in the project, things don’t behave like I want. What am I missing?

Something that might help you out is Edit/Paste and Match Style. When you don’t want the original formatting, and want to use what Scrivener is set up to use by default, that’s the ticket.

On your third point, I don’t believe PDF has any such thing as a footnote, in the sense of the feature as Scrivener knows it—a special code. Of course PDF can typeset some text as footnotes, but that is all it is, typesetting. There would be no way for Scrivener to interpret that.