pasting in without formatting

Hi loving using scrivener but I have one problem.

I paste in from all sorts of places and I’d like to do it without any formatting being carried over. I think it is possible, since there are questions/answers regarding this issue, however, it seems those solutions are not applicable on version 3.2.2 - unless this feature is somehow disabled in new version.

In short, is there an option to copy-and-paste into scrivener with all the formatting off?

Opt-ShiftCmd-V, or Edit > Paste and Match Style.

Using Apple > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts it possible to assign “Paste and Match Style” to Cmd–V and re-assign Paste to something else (swap the shortcut keystrokes over), though I haven done that in anything after 10.13.x.



Adding to Mark’s comment, this requires that the text is pasted into a section with ’no style’.

That’s not actually true. I’ve just taken a sentence copied from a forum page and pasted it into the middle of a Block Quote paragraph in my test project, font Palatino Regular 13pt, and into a paragraph of Chinese, fint STSong 13pt … no problem at all.

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-01-07 at 17.19.18.png[/attachment]
[attachment=1]Screenshot 2021-01-07 at 17.15.48.png[/attachment]


… which made it assume the style of the surrounding text, right? That’s not like pasting with no format, is it?

It is absolutely. That is the point. What the OP said was

In my two examples the text had “no formatting carried over”, that is the font and font size used in this forum were dropped and the text assumed the font and size of the paragraph into which it was pasted … Palatino or STSong both at 13pt. I merely applied red after pasting so that the pasted in text would be easy to identify. Even if you paste into a “No style” paragraph, it will take on the default styling set in Preferences or Project settings. If I had done that, it would still be in Palatino 13pt, the default for the project.



There is no option to paste without formatting, is there? Either “paste” or “paste and match style”.

The first option pastes with the original formatting retained. The second is designed to blend in at the point of pasting.

If there were a “no format” option, what would the pasted text look like?