Pasting into docs ("paste and match style" question

Is there a way to set up a Scrivener template so that every time I try to paste in some text from outside (i.e. web or .pdf etc.) it pastes the text in “paste and match style”?

Right now you have to select “paste and match sytle” but it would be better if it defaulted to “paste and match style”

Is there any way to set this up in a scrivener template or in settings?


This can effect be done, as with just about all menu commands in a Mac program. We have posted a how-to on custom shortcuts which should provide everything you need to do this. In the same way that you can add a shortcut to menu items without one, you can also switch already assigned shortcuts.

In my experience, this can lead to a small drop in what all you can paste with Cmd-V, since Paste and Match Style will drop things such as images from the clipboard. You just need to remember to use the Shift-Opt-Cmd-V shortcut to paste things like graphics, if that is the alternative shortcut you’ve provided to Edit/Paste.