Pasting into Word or Open Office now stripping formatting

Before the most recent update, when I pasted a selection from Scrivener into Word or Open office, it ketp formatting such as bold and italics.
Now it’s stripped.
Does anyone know if there was a new setting added or if that functionality was removed in the most recent update, because it’s rather damaged my workflow.

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I can’t vouch for whether it did or not before, but it doesn’t now.

This issue has been filed for fixing. If it’s disruptive for you, I’d recommend downgrading back to, which you can download from the link in the release notes. As noted there, we recommend uninstalling 3.1.5 first before installing the earlier version.

Yep, confirmed here too (Windows 10, 64-bit)

Same here. All the formatting I have in Scrivener (WIN) does not get pasted into Word (WIN). It’s the same with Google Docs (online). And in Apple Pages (online)

Scrivener does copy special markdown format to other text editors in plain text if that helps.
Is copy special using style and format still a menu choice?

I don’t think it ever was.
It’s the default behavior. (What’s no longer working.)

At least it still works internally. (My theory would be that something sneaked its way into the code, making it non-standard, and undecipherable to other apps.)

Another weird behavior (weird, or simply that I had never noticed before) :

I just tried via drag and drop. Scrivener → LibreOffice.
Not only it didn’t work, but it deleted the source text from the project.

just to note, I uninstalled and rolled back, but remember, unlke an upgrade, an uninstall can delete your backups, unless you move them elsewhere.

Personally, I’d stick to 3.1.5, and would just have an as-is to rtf compile, scope: selection, ready, and copy/paste from that compiled file.

Something tells me this issue will be short lived. (Based on a hunch way more than on science, though :wink: )

I usually just compile in the format a word processor uses as well.

I work back and forth between Scrivener and Word and now when I’m copying from the updated Scrivener for Windows, it appears to copy as plain text losing any bold or italics that I want to include when I paste into Word.

As a general update, this looks like it will be an easy fix. It’s a problem with a the new code and the Windows clipboard manager that needs some fine tuning for setting the clipboard types that get registered (this way you can paste plain-text into Notepad but rich text into Word, or HTML into an editor that takes that, etc. You have to create and store all of these types properly so other programs can use them).

Funnily enough pasting formatting works just fine under Linux and Wine, for that reason.


Another update: we’ve fixed this problem, formatting should now be pasting properly into Word and LibreOffice. If you’d like to get an early look, there is a beta build available (I’d say it’s a safe beta to use as it only contains a few bug fixes like this). To try it out, go into File ▸ Options..., and under General: Startup tab, tick the Check for beta updates setting. Save your settings, and then run the Help ▸ Check for Updates menu command.

The official fix should be out soon, and you will be upgraded to it when it comes out, even if you’re trying the beta.