Pasting screenplay pages

If I copy a couple of pages of screenplay text in a Scrivener project, open a new screenwriting document and paste, none of the formatting is preserved. Is this expected behavior? Is copy/paste not supported for screenplay pages?

A possibility:
If you’re copying from a plain text formatted source, try pasting (into a scriptwriting doc.) using the command in the Edit menu > Paste Plain Text as Screenplay

Quote is from appendix A (A4) of the Scrivener manual.

Thanks for your suggestion, but it doesn’t apply to this situation.

I’m copying between two Scrivener documents in the same project. Both documents are in screenplay format. When I paste, all the screenplay formatting is lost.

I’m wondering if this is expected behavior, or if my copy of Scrivener is corrupted.

EDIT: Turns out my Scrivener installation was corrupted. Reinstalling fixed this.